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Global Business Opportunity

This multi-level marketing opportunity is expanding into new Countries. Next on the list is India... Do not miss this one in a lifetime opportunity to get involved.

Pauline and I are pleased to announce that one of the major companies (Monavie) we are working with is just launching in India. This is a ground floor opportunity in one of the world’s largest populated areas. We have team members from Canada in India ready and able to discuss the opportunity and meet with you in person. The official launch will occur in January 2012, so you have a chance to get in ahead of the masses and join our team now. If you are interested in earning an extra income, building a new business, or just interested in finding out more, please contact us so we can discuss the opportunity with you.

MonaVie burst onto the scene in 2005 and has quickly become a leader in the health and wellness industry. By providing an avenue for better health and financial well-being through its premium quality nutritional products and rewarding opportunity, MonaVie offers a timely solution to today’s challenges. And now, we are redefining how to lose weight in a healthy, effective way. MonaVie is one of the fastest growing companies in the world, as evidenced by its ranking in the 2009 Inc. 500 list of fastest growing companies. With plans for continued expansion in the United States and for new markets throughout the world, the time to join MonaVie is now!

MonaVie blends antioxidant nutritional power with an unparalleled opportunity that can allow you to capitalize on the surging health and wellness industry. By becoming a MonaVie independent distributor, you can share MonaVie products with others while taking advantage of our rewarding compensation plan—with 10 Ways to Earn Income.

Join the hundreds of thousands of successful MonaVie distributors and begin achieving renewed health and financial well-being today.

As this opportunity is rolling out now, it is essential to let me know if you would like to find out more about this incredible opportunity in India before the official launch. If you determine you are not interested, but you have any friends, family members or colleaques that may be interested, please forward this on and I will work with them as if they were you directly.


Mark and Pauline Forster, Monavie Independent Distributor # 3549732


604-463-9945 or 1-866-528-4005

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