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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Why use Teletouch Services?
Simple. Professionals appreciate efficiency, ease of use, flexibility, rapid turnaround time and tangible reductions in operating costs. We are your total outsourcing services provider for medical dictation and transcription services.

What services do you offer?
Teletouch Services offers our clients in the Medical, Legal, and other professions low cost solutions to meet their dictation and transcription requirements. We offer toll free access to a hosted Telewave Dictation System for transcription companies who do not want the expense of purchasing and managing expensive hardware and software. For Medical practioners, we offer a complete dictation and transcription service. In addition to these services we also offer File Transfer capabilities for the secure transfer of data between offices.

Do you supply dictation software or hardware?
We offer Boston Bar's Voicewave and Telewave family of products for medical clinics, transcription companies and other organizations in need of in house dictation or transcription capabilities. A turnkey solution can be provided through one of our technical partners.

What are your Long Distance Services
Teletouch Services acts as an agent for Modern Digital Communications Inc. MDCI provides residential and business long distance carrier services at discounted rates throughout North America. Toll free services are also available as well as Dial Up Internet access.

What about confidentiality?
Confidentiality is as important to us at Teletouch Services as it is to our clients. We have several safeguards to ensure confidentiality. By using only encrypted e-mail and/or our own File Transfer Protocol site (FTP) it is virtually impossible for files to go astray. As files will be saved on to a CD, we will not be saving printed copy. We will only print copies for forwarding by mail or courier. Client CD's will be kept in a locked file cabinet. Access to files stored in the computer is limited to the owner and/or transcriptionist.

What is your turn around time?
Transcription will be done as dictation comes in. It is our goal to have the finished work forwarded back to the client within 12-72 hours. Special arrangements for STAT (2-8 hr) turnaround times are available on request. If the dictation is urgent, the client can call our office and let us know so we can make it a priority.

How is work formatted?
Any way you like. Provide us with your specifications and we will create a template in your file along with any other information you deem beneficial.

How is finished product delivered?
Forwarding of finished work will be done according to the client's preference. The choices are: Encrypted e-mail, Downloaded to FTP site, Fax, Courier, or Postal Service. In British Columbia, we can use Medi-tran Services to deliver directly to medical offices.

How are errors and omissions handled?
All transcriptions will be proofread before they are forwarded to the client. Any errors or omissions will be dealt with free of charge immediately upon notification.

Is completed work kept on file for future access?
Each client will have a separate file. All services will be saved to a CD and kept in the client's file. CD's will be kept on file for 60 days.

What are my billing options?
There are five billing options to choose from. They are as follows: per page, per hour, per fifteen minutes, bper line, and on a monthly contract to be negotiated based on the amount of work.

When will I be invoiced?
Customer invoicing will be done on the 15th and 30th of each month. Customers who have a monthly contract will be invoiced on the 30th of each month. In Canada, GST will be charged on all applicable services.

When is my payment due?
Payment is due upon receipt. Accounts unpaid within 30 days are subject to overdue charges of 2% interest monthly (26.8% per annum). There will be a charge of $20.00 for NSF cheques.


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